Trinity Baptist College Athletics

West Side Soccer Club to bolster Trinity’s Soccer Roster

This offseason four of West Side Soccer Club’s best and brightest have joined the ranks under Coach Bill Brindley, and will be looking to make a big impact on the upcoming season.

These Players will bolster the roster of a young and already exciting soccer program here at Trinity.

Brindley was quoted in saying: “We are very excited to be able to get some of the local talent on board with our program; these guys are good players with a solid club background. I am planning on them making a difference immediately.”

Two of the players, Caleb Vila and Carlos Sebastian, make up Oak leaf High schools central midfield. While the star striker from Forrest High school, Danial Stone, and Aaron Simms Central midfielder for Trinity Christian Academy, make up the other duo.

Stone & Simms

Vila & Sebastian

“These players have been playing together for some time now and will bring an added element of cohesiveness, that we will really need this year,” added Brindley.

Come out and watch this season as these players take the field for your Trinity Baptist Eagles.